why everything around looks different now?
wide sky and fresh air
this scent
your scent
seems everywhere now
everything reminds me of you
what an intangible feeling it is
i miss you so much
at the same time it feels good and very hard
just from the thought that we will meet in the evening
i am overwhelmed by euphoric excitement
so hard to wait
it seems like only now i can inhale
only now i can feel the world with all perfections
to smell to hear to see and taste
which seemed to have always slept suddenly woke up
now it is so interesting to live
your gaze is unique
looks like you are engraved in my eyes
how do you look at me
you stare deep into me somewhere
where even i was not gone
as if you were looking at my soul
love is so exciting and so free
it is a relentless experience of beauty
my thoughts revolve only around you
what a feeling
it seems you are watching me
watching my every step
in the meantime
i am trying to be especially beautiful
that you would admire me more and more
how happy i am that you love me
you are extraordinary
you stand out from the rest with your abilities
charm and pleasant talk
your touch is loving and caring
your love warms
and being in your arms
surrounded by peace i often fall asleep
you fill me with joy
you make me happy
with you i am not afraid of anything
it didn’t happen now
i love you from the beginning of all time
till the endless eternity
this love is eternal and continuous
it is free of impurities
It is love as it is
there is no separate neither you nor me
there is only we
will hardly understand me those
who do not love
they are unlikely to realize my ruptured from unbearable emotions heart
my red teary eyes can hardly explain anything
but for this moment
i want to repeat it over and over again
it seems pointless where there is a lot of love
but where there is a lot of love everything gains an invaluable meaning
bees chirping
the freshness of the night
all of this is now my memory treasure
i touch my hand and feel you
every time I meet you and hear your lovely voice
i make sure i know you forever
i will go mad because of you
i will go mad being without you
i dream of going mad out of love
i dream of drowning in the sea of this love
i dream of seeing more and more shades of this love
and hear more and more