I’m Vanipriya dasa, a spiritual practitioner, lecturer, and multidisciplinary artist who has been granted the title of an art creator. I live in Lithuania, India, and Germany and am fluent in English, Lithuanian, Polish, and Russian.

I have a master’s degree in audiovisual arts from Vilnius Academy of Arts in Lithuania. In addition, I studied performance art at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design in Germany and researched ancient Vedic manuscripts at Academy of Vrindavan in India.

I received a dozen of grants for various artistic initiatives from the Ministry of the Lithuanian Republic, the Culture Institute, the Vilnius City Municipality, and the Council for Culture.

I exhibited solo and as part of an artist collective, and was involved in more than ten publications as well as more than fourty art shows and projects across the world. Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Denmark, Indonesia, Chile, Russia, and America are among the countries I have participated.

More complete curriculum vitae may be found here.

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