Even though the deities might come to you, their choice of whom to interact with is entirely their own. When people appreciate the worth of mercy they genuinely bring, they are eager to congregate around them. The deities are identical with Lords form, name and qualities. They are alive and have their own attitude. They bring the sevakas a special mercy in the form of a direct metamorphosis that makes them suitable for a spiritual dwelling.

It’s really admirable to observe that certain devotees have feelings for Radha Madan Gopal in one way or another and are willing to do something for them.

One fortunate mataji, Sundaranandaji’s wife, had numerous dreams involving Radha Madan Gopal. The first time, they requested garlands, and the second time, they asked her for protection. Her most recent dream, however, was even more mysterious. One evening, I came across a small lavender garden and took a few flowers with me without knowing exactly what I would do with them. She wrote to me the following morning to inform having a dream about Radha Madan Gopal strolling through fields of lavender flowers, and they actually desired some of these flowers. I immediately rushed after the ones I had gathered the day before and offered to their lotus feet.

Experiencing this kind of divine presence in your life is incredibly motivating.