Once I heard it’s possible to see your life as it would be an intrigue video game. It means it has quests, missions, happy or sad situations and more. It’s full of stuff happening around. But the principle of the game is that you are always safe. The moment you melt with the character you feel like you are actually there but at some point you realise you are safely sitting behind the screen. You take the risk, accept activities you would normally not do or try yourself in different skins. Isn’t that great?

Last week was horrible. It stroke me through. Cracked my inner balance and my shaking hands almost lost all my long carried values. I did and do mistakes. I forgot about the risk being there where you shouldn’t depending on your set checkpoints in life. I started to feel like everything is against me. Obviously it’s a test which I should pass. But which way is the correct way? That’s the usual question in this type of mess. It will not leave you calm until you really realise it through your heart and prior that you’re doomed to face various consequences.

At certain moment when I felt too much pressure, my inner fighter inflame. I felt so happy and intricate that for the pleasure of the Lord I dart a challenge to Krsna. It may sound stupid as it is, but it was such a wonderful moment. I was thinking about him every holy second. I knew he can cast difficulties at every corner, so I became extra vigilant. Surely I will loose, but I will try to be a strong opponent. The only thing I ask him to keep this battle fair. At least not blowing me through inside or using heavy weapons. I ask him to keep it simple, using the same equipment I can approach. I wonder how long the game will last.