According to Caitanya Caritamrita, Krishna’s holy name is transcendentally delightful. It bestows all spiritual blessings since Krishna is the fountain of all delight. Krishna’s name is full, and it represents all transcendental mellows. It is only the holy name that elevates us to higher levels of consciousness and initiates our spiritual journey to the divine abode. And it is the holy name alone that inspires and motivates us to serve it in various ways.

I recall how my life began to change when I invited the holy name to be a part of it. And now, because Radha Madan Gopal has entered my life, I am experiencing the same miracle.

It’s as if the world around you suddenly transforms in ways you didn’t expect, and you feel safe and ready to embrace it. Lately I’ve accepted happenings I didn’t intend to accept.

Of course, it’s not even a fraction of what Bhaktivinod Thakur feels, but his Atma Nivedana song is immensely delightful to read.

I have become supremely joyful by surrendering myself at Your holy feet. Unhappiness has gone away, and there are no more anxieties. I see joy in all directions. Your two lotus feet are reservoirs of immortal nectar where one may live free from sorrow and fear. I have found peace there now and have given up the fear of worldly existence. I shall render service in Your household and not endeavor to enjoy the fruits of that service, but rather I shall strive for whatever pleases You, fully devoted to Your lotus feet. Troubles encountered in Your service shall be the cause of great happiness, for in Your devotional service joy and sorrow are equally great riches. Both destroy the misery of ignorance. I have completely forgotten all past history by feeling great joy in my mind. I am most certainly Yours, and You are indeed mine. What need is there of any other treasure?..