Safe haven for lost souls

I’m wondering what the main foundation is for preaching spiritual knowledge. Do we truly please our acaryas by simply distributing their philosophy, or are we expected to first spread the qualities that we are supposed to possess as a result of their philosophy and our spiritual practice?

Vaisnavas have so many wonderful qualities that they literally serve as a safe haven for lost souls. What does it imply? In theory, it’s a person who accepts you exactly as you are, with all your flaws and quirks. Just like Sanatana Goswami excelled all other devotees in his compassion toward the suffering souls.

Sadhaka’s life is full of hidden traps and hazardous paths. Lost motivation on long, winding roads and lost self-confidence in cold, harsh conditions. But the beauty of being a Vaisnava is that you can create a healthy environment for the harmed ones while also being taken care of if you are the harmed one.

Let us work together to create the extraordinary environment that we all desire.