Just keep on going

Wandering alone in a metropolitan city has its advantages and disadvantages. From one perspective, you are confronted with such a powerful maya-as-it-is that it is impossible not to notice it. You simply observe how the world is deteriorating. At the same time, due to its obviousness, you can clearly see how this mood is entering your mind and you catch it on the fly. But from another perspective, you’re basically doomed. It’s just a matter of time, mercy, and sincerity as to how long you can keep going. It’s like a repulsive virus that slowly but steadily penetrates deeper and deeper, inch by inch.

In such a place, you realize how much you rely on vaisnava sanga, on people who are fighting the same battle and seeking the same results. It’s worthwhile to feel how empty and irrelevant you are at times, how truly fallen you may be. This material world is nothing more than a playground for Radha and Krsna to make you eligible to return to Their lovely hugs and glances. They care, and this mercy is bestowed upon you by beautiful vaisnavas who will keep you on track.

Radha and Krsna may even send the best person they have to teach the final lessons of life. To learn how to take care of that person, to thank, to apologize, and to give everything to that person, because through that person, the Divine Couple may personally interract.