Step aside

Last few weeks I was working together with my father in Radha Krsna bhajan kutir. Intensive construction works, digging, lifting and so on. Basically I’m not too much attached to all my belongings, because I clearly understand I will leave it here after my pass. I try to meditate on the fact that it all belongs to Krsna and in one or another way is used in seva. I hope I’m getting better with that every year. The main reason why yukta vairagya is easier than full early detachment whereas you stay busy with your body, mind and this temporary lifetime. I would be happy to have my bhajan kutir already finished but on the other hand I’m not attached to the results because I may leave this body every holy moment. Additionally it helps me stay busy and therefore safe against the mind hurricane. If I would go extremely off the material life track and try to stick with only holy name, meditation, contemplation, spiritual books and sadhu company I risk to fall because of the need to calmly leave aside, take it easy and do some gross staff in the category of yukta vairagya whatever it may be, whatever makes me feel fine at that time. For me this pause or temporary plan b reveals as a long walk in the forests or crowded cities. Also building bhajan kutir or doing some writings or translations. But the foundation is spending time alone with my thoughts and emotions. This crucial step aside is what actually helps me to grow in the spiritual detachment process. The change comes quiet and unnoticed. You don’t even catch when you start to feel even more comfortable with the spiritual ideas. Parallelly the taste grows with the help of sadhus, Shyam’s grace and harinama sankirtana yagja.

Finally I am alone and have chance to take the moment in the surrounding nature. Birds singing here, there and everywhere, sun is falling, second day of the summer and the big start of the most awaited season.